"In the most repressive moments for democratic states in the twentieth century, when free speech was threatened and calls to unanimity and a common culture seemed to triumph over marginal and minority voices, art continued to stand for a crucial and long standing democratic value: the importance of minority voices and the benefits of pluralism."

Caroline Levine, Provoking Democracy


"Provoking Democracy is a book that anyone interested in democracy or the arts simply must read."

Bernadette Meyler, Cornell University


"Provoking Democracy should be mandatory reading, certainly in college, if not in high school. I think every educator, every superintendent, every school board, should have a copy of this book by their side, should read it, should understand it, should have dialogues about it, should debate it, because ultimately we're talking about engaging the creative minds of those yet to come."

Tony Trupiano, "The Tony Trupiano Show"

Provoking Democracy is published by Blackwell Publishing October 1 2007 • (978-1-4051-5927-2 paperback $29.95) • (978-1-4051-59265-0 hardback $79.95)